Venice Book Fair and Writers Festival

The recent Venice Book Festival, 25 March 2023, was successful. I genuinely enjoy talking to so many folks about the books. Although the sales =s were pretty good, talking to…

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AVIVA Speaking Engagement 25 May 2023 in Sarasota

James Kelly “I am a Soldier, First and Always” Kelly is a retired US Army officer and Defense executive with over 45 years of service in the Department of Defense.…

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“These Sacred Lands”

"These Sacred Lands" was selected as the Book of the Day for 31 October 2022 by the Online Book Club. It is an honor to have such a distinction. It…

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The Sarasota County Library System

Sorry about the delay, but I have great news. The Sarasota County Library System has selected The Distinguished Career of WInfield Scott Hancock for thier collection. As a result of…

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The Historical Fiction Company

The Historical Fiction Company reviewed "These Sacred Lands" and I am pleased to offer their words here. These Sacred Lands Review “Let us put our minds together and see what…

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The research for "Tremaine" continues, but a short excusion is necessary to enhance knowledge of marketing tools. There are numerous offerings by folks wishing to help you along on your…

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I have started the next book, entitled "Tremaine," and if you are curious about the title those who have read "These Sacred Lands" know the answer. If you have read…

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These Sacred Lands2

"These Sacred Lands" has just begun to see sales rise. I have submitted the book to the Online Book Club for a review. It includes an essentially an assessment of…

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The task complete and the effort well worth the time - I have finished "These Sacred Lands" and passed a series of editing gates. I decided to continue my effort…

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"Happy Saint Patrick's Day" and I hope everyone is enjoying this special holiday and the wearing of the green. The copyright has been successfully accomplished. I have received the necessary…

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