"Lakota Sunset" Revisited

October 13, 2020


By Jim Kelly

Work continues on my latest novel. Having had the opportunity to visit battlefields from the Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania during the writing of the Hancock novels, I am trying to follow the same template for the latest work, "Lakota Sunset." It is set in the western states of Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota and Montana during the Indian Wars of the 1870's. There are a number of Army forts and battlefields (now historical sites maintained by the respective states or the National Parks Service) that I wanted to see for myself. So, we have just returned from a fun-packed week driving across the four states mentioned. It wasn't as ominous as you would think. The drive touched the Black Hills of western South Dakota, a couple of battlefields in Montana, and the Bighorn Mountain area (close to Yellowstone). It is great to walk the ground on old posts, battlefields, and the like. It will enhance the historical piece of the historical fiction novel when complete. The views were breath-taking.