The Importance of Reviews

February 13, 2020

By James Kelly

Great News!!!  I submitted "Turning Point," the second volume of "I am a Soldier, First and Always," to the Online Book CLub for a professional review. The book received a 4 of 4 rating - Excellent. I was informed that the book was selected as the Book of the Day and will be posted on most social media outlets March 15th.  

If you pick up a copy of either "Rebellion" or "Turning Point" I encourage you to leave a review on Amazon.  It is important for an author to have feedback, and Amazon uses that information in their assessment of authors.  There are 15 million books on Amazon, and they sell 50% of all print and 70% of all ebooks internationally. Reviews help an author stand out. I am continually finding things that enhance the books and will make changes to covers not content.  

Keep reading!  Working on"Mackenzie's Plains" for a summer release.