I am pleased to announce that “Tremaine, A Lakota Warrior in Roosevelt’s Rough Riders” is now available on Amazon. I had planned a release in the Summer/Fall, but after professional editing and a few readings, I thought the novel could use more detail. So, as announced, “Tremaine” was ready on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. We are excited that the fourth book in the “I am a Soldier, First and Always” series is on the street.

If you are unfamiliar with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), the process allows an author to submit what is a final version for publication. It is the final “draft,” and I’ll tell you why. KDP offers an Author’s Proof once the draft is submitted. I could request up to five copies (needed only two), which would arrive within a day or two. Linda and I read our copies and caught several issues.

I thought the book was perfect when I hit send. You get so close to your manuscript that you may miss content errors. Yes, programs like Grammarly and Word catch grammatical errors, but reading the proof, I found some chapters and paragraphs needed to change position to enhance the flow of the story. I’ll let you decide when you read “Tremaine.

One crucial step in the process is assigning an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). A ten-digit book identifier is given to each edition and variation of a book (ebook, paperback, and hardcover). KDP will assign one if needed, but I understand they become the sole publisher from that point on. Many authors buy numbers from Bowker, the only official source of ISBNs in the United States. Without an ISBN, a book will not be found in most bookstores, either online or down the street from your house. Why did I mention this? Purchasing a series of ISBNs provides the flexibility to publish elsewhere. I bought ten from Bowker. “Tremaine” is the first to have a separate ISBN, and I intend to pursue other ways to get my books in places like Barnes and Noble.

We are excited about the latest release. I am anxious to read your comments and ask if you get a copy of “Tremaine” from Amazon, please leave a review or contact me on the website.

I’m on to the next book and continuing the Mackenzie story. There are a few storylines planned. Let’s continue Tremaine Mackenzie’s story in the early twentieth century. After that, World War I and II for the next generation.

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