Success! “These Sacred Lands” is ready for publication. I have previously used Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for my work. I am prepared to go down that road once again (it was very efficient last time); however, I have first decided to query a number of literary houses and agents who support historical fiction work. Right now the manuscript samples are with a number of these agents. It is an experience negotiating the path through the long list of possibilities. Each have unique requirements for submission, but all want the information either directly in an email or attached. All want to see a query letter, and great care needs to be taken in crafting a letter that captures an agent’s attention. I sent my query to a reviewer/editor who provided exertise and recommendations on content and format. Don’t sell this step short. It is your entry point for people to read the manuscript, and the first thing they will read to assess your writing ability. Speaking of the manuscript, each literary house and agent have requirements ranging from multiple chapters to a few pages to see the style and content. Most importantly, they want enough of an example to decide whether they should move forward. Don’t be deterred or discouraged. Many will never respond to your query while others will send you a short rejection email response. Remember, there is someone out there who will see the brilliance of your effort. I’ll keep you posted on my quest.

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Awesome Works

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