“Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” and I hope everyone is enjoying this special holiday and the wearing of the green. The copyright has been successfully accomplished. I have received the necessary certification of registration from the United States Register of Copyrights. The plethora of literary houses that have received “These Sacred Lands” have been silent, at least for now. Keep in mind the volume work they receive causes a delay in response, if one is forthcoming. Many will not reply. However, I am optimistic and believe one will ask for the manuscript. In the meantime, I am ready to send the book to Kindle Direct Publishing and get the ball rolling on production. Haven’t explored fully using the number of publishing houeses that say they can get your book into Barnes and Noble — for a price. I’m learning as I go and willing to let the current traditional literary houses scan my work. It can, at times, be very frustrating that you weather long periods without a word, but that is the nature of the business. Stay positive … I try to every time I wonder who is reading my submission. I’ve hedged a bit by stating I will publish with Kindle by May 2022. Only time will tell. I have a recommendtion that is long overdue. If you are an author and, whether published or not, you do not belong to a local writers’ group I highly recommend investigating the groups in your area. The members provide a wealth of useful information and constructive criticism for your developing works. Much is discussed about the writing craft and style that truly enhances your work. In our Sarasota Writiers Group there are authors with long lists of books, essays, and short stories which they have published and other member/writers attempting their first book. Learning is part of the process and a group serves that process well. Love being an author!

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Awesome Works

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