I have started the next book, entitled “Tremaine,” and if you are curious about the title those who have read “These Sacred Lands” know the answer. If you have read any of my novels or plan to, this an impassioned plea to leave a review. They are invaluable. So far, “Thee Sacred Lands” has received a 4 out of 4 Excellent rating from the Online Book Club reviewers. It has received 5 stars on Amazon. When you hold your book in your hands for the first stime you are overwhelmed by the sense of accomplishment. At least I am. By the way, there will be an offer for “These Sacred Lands” within the next two weeks that reduces the book price significantly. If you are interested, look for the Amazon ad camapign notification. If you choose, send me your contact information at the end of this site and I’ll get you on the mailing list. I’ll send notice to the list with the exact date. I’ve come to depend on a large research effort that captures historical events and people wherein I can add my characters to their proper place in history. With each novel in the “I am a Soldier, First and Always,” I continue to drill down to a specific period in time. For instance, Hancock’s two volumes covered an extrodinary lifetime. “These Sacred Lands” captures slighly less than ten years and the Great Sioux War. “Tremaine” will be even shorter and I’ll look for input from the various social media writing groups to which I belong to recommend and suggest best practices on the use of flashbacks. There are some interesting people in the latest novel including Teddy Roosevelt, General John J. Pershing, Geronimo, and others. “Rough Rider” or cavalryman, I am anxious to tell about Tremaine “Running Deer” Mackenzie’s journey. If you are a writer, or even thinking of writing, I encourage you to join a local writing group. In my case, the Sarasota Writers Group provides a much needed critique of various paragraphs and/or chapters that I read every two weeks. The expertise within the group is amazing with published authors of everythng from novellas, short stories and novels (both fiction and non-fiction), memoirs, and finally, poetry . Many of these men and women are accomplished authors and provide constructive comments as your project (story) develops. Don’t hesitate — dive in and receive the benefit of other author’s knowledge and experience.

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Awesome Works

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