“These Sacred Lands” has just begun to see sales rise. I have submitted the book to the Online Book Club for a review. It includes an essentially an assessment of the editing, story line or plot, and readability. The reviewer also comments on the cover design and particulars that prompt a potential reader to pick the novel up (or click in Amazon’s case) to first see then buy the book. Perhaps I should have waited before it listed on Amazon, but I was somewhat anxious to see the book in print. The Online Book Club uses a rating scale of 1 – 4, 4 being excellent. Hancock received a 4 – Excellent in both volumes. When the verdict is in I will post it on Amazon AND, wait for it … I will offer the book for pennies for a day. The last time I did this over 500 people downloaded the book. Started research for the follow-on novel, “Tremaine,” that I anticipate will be out in 2023. To find out who Tremaine is you need to reade “These Sacred Lands.” Love my research.

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