12 December2023.  Last weekend was the local area Venice Arts and Craft Fair, an event that offers handmade craft that people tend to pick up or gift for the holiday season. Why am I mentioning this?  It also offers authors an opportunity to sell their latest, or even their series of books, to the large number of folks attending the fair.  Books make a great Christmas gift.

For the self-published author this can be a significant boost in sales.  It takes on the flavor of a book signing. There is also the scores of people who are interested in the subject of my novel(s) and simply want to talk. I really enjoy the conversation. The folks are very interesting, their questions are usually related to a particular novel, but many people ask about research and writing.  People took information regarding my website, some bought one or more books, while others watched the videos I ran on a laptop (the ones I made for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook).  I believe some of these folks waited until later to order their favorite JHaroldKelly books on Amazon. There was a noticeable bump in sales last week.

The bottom line…I will continue to look for festivals and fairs throughout the area (reasonable driving distance), meet more folks, and get them interested in my novels. Oh yeah, “Tremaine” is the fourth book in the series and is with the editor now. It is on track for a February 2024 release.

Maybe I’ll get to talk with you at one of the fairs.

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