The recent Venice Book Festival, 25 March 2023, was successful. I genuinely enjoy talking to so many folks about the books. Although the sales =s were pretty good, talking to folks about the stories therein and the process of developing and publishing the novels was interesting. Everyone took the handout material, and, who knows, Amazon sales may see a bump. I’m still searching for a Literary House and Publisher for traditional publishing, but I still look for innovative ways to become known and get my books into the reader’s hands.

I have been invited to speak in Sarasota at a Community Center. I am giving a presentation highlighting how I became a writer and my process of developing the series of novels. The author’s program, of which I m one of five, is more than a reading.

I’ll take a group of folks on a tour of Gettysburg, on 10 May 2023, based on the two-volume set “The Distinguished Career of Winfield Scott Hancock.”   I am anxious to walk the battlefield once more and feel the history.

The new website is provided thanks to the folks at Rebrand Gurus. I hope you take the time to look through it and give a comment to me via message or email. I’d be interested in hearing from you and making changes that could enhance the experience for the reader. Over the next few months, I will add a series of YouTube videos to the site. You will also be able to find them on social networking sites. I do not plan for them to be a video reading of the books. I see them as more of an explanation of how I frame my writing, the research issues I’ve experienced, fiction versus fact in historical fiction, and, you’ll love this, introduction to me, the author. Rebrand Gurus will help shape and post the series. So I’ll tell you when they are available through my social networking sites and this blog. I hope you tune in.

I have continued to work on “Tremaine,” and a stream of consciousness led me to add plot lines that I think you, as a reader, will enjoy or find interesting. The May 2023 release date is slipping somewhat to the Summer of 2023. I haven’t run into writer’s block. The words keep coming (sometimes at 3:30 AM), and I continue to refine the story and my writing. If you email me in the contact section of this site, I will provide a short sample of the novel. The readers of “These Sacred Lands” who are familiar with the ending will make an immediate connection to “Tremaine” and the main character’s story. If you want to participate, read “These Sacred Lands.”

Once again, I wish to thank my friends from the Sarasota Writers Group. They have been instrumental in the Winfield Hancock novels and the latest “These Sacred Lands.” I usually read my latest effort for “Tremaine,” They provide comments and recommendations that help shape the story.

Historical fiction novels demand accurate details that wrap around the fictional story. With each level, told generation by generation, I can convey a history lesson that the reader and I can enjoy. There is more to the story regarding the research and details required.

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