The task complete and the effort well worth the time – I have finished “These Sacred Lands” and passed a series of editing gates. I decided to continue my effort with Kindle Direct Publishing and have submitted the book in three versions. Of course the Ebook and Paperback versions are in line with previous efforts; however, this time Kindle is offering a Hardcover edition. I am anxious to have a hardcover book in my hands in an “author’s proof” copy to review and approve for publication. Although the novel did not take as long to complete as the Hancock volumes, i did take no less than two years. Seems I am very particular when it comes to researching historical fiction. I want my readers to emerse themselves in the time and place surrounding the story. Details of Native American life and the trials and tribulations of the westward settlers must be accurate. The main characters, Shadow Hawk and Joshua Mackenzie, became real to me and I could see stories in history that captured the same friendship amid conflict. Sort of a brother versus brother situation we find in the Civil War. I’m sending the book to the Online Book Club for their review. The system is great for an objective look at the story by a large number of perople. I receive a rating, of course, but the important part is the critique. Always interested in why something worked or didn’t. Sets the stage for the next novel. Already stared “Tremaine” as the next chapter, but I’ll save progress reports and insights for future blogs.

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Awesome Works

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