“These Sacred Lands” was selected as the Book of the Day for 31 October 2022 by the Online Book Club. It is an honor to have such a distinction. It will be announced across most social media on that day, and the ovel will be offered on Kindle at a discount. The reviews have been great on both Online Book Club (four of four excellent rating) and by the Historical Fiction Club, who rated it Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Reviewer’s Comments
“The historical accuracy in this novel is exceptional. The maps of the Northern Plains featured throughout the book help readers picture names and places. It was fascinating to see the maps of areas where battles had been held that included well-known historical characters. Keeping history alive is one of the best aspects of why readers love historical novels. This book tells history fans precisely what one would expect in a historical novel set in this time. The story is woven together with historical facts.

It is evident that this author comes from a military background and enjoys military history. This author can capture the angst, feelings of anger, and helplessness of the Lakota people as well as the white settlers. He also captures the spirit of unity felt by the tribes in this story. These feelings transfer to the reader and help them connect with the characters and situations.

The character development in the story is excellent, and I enjoyed how the characters of Shadow Hawk and Joshua developed as they grew to adulthood. Shadow Hawk became a respected Lakota Warrior, and Joshua became a cavalry officer. In such a time of change for the country, it was interesting to see each character’s strengths. I was often reminded of family members who had lived through that period of history, and I knew the reality of the emotions they expressed in the story.

I love how the Lakota Sioux still hold the Black Hills sacred and how, for that reason, this book is dedicated to them. What I loved best about this book was how the author gives the reader a sense of time and place, not only in history but in the spiritual sense of the people involved in this work.

I found nothing negative to list for this novel. It is exceptionally well edited, and the plot is driven by the truth evident in recorded history. For these reasons, it has achieved a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. This book contains the elements of adventure, action, and romance. It also contains the violence and gruesome scenes one would expect of a novel that includes historical battles fought during this period. It is best suited to a mature audience. It will appeal most to fans of historical fiction. I recommend it to readers who have a particular affinity with stories of a western theme.

Look for it on the 31st.

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